Do you know that insider trading is legal?
Just For Stocks tracks insider transactions!

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With our simple to use platform
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Know when your favorite insiders
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Our push notifications alert you when
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Receive emails and push notifications as soon as
insider transactions are reported with the SEC.

Shouldn't you know when CEOs
and other insiders buy their
own stock?

Track insiders by name and see when
they are buying or selling.

Our platform generates heatmaps
from thousands of insider trades.

Now you can see the most active insider trades
with a quick glance.


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  • Look up real time company quotes and information
  • Receive full reports on sales the day that they are execute. (including how many shares were acquired or sold and the specified insiders who made the executions)
  • The option to receive e-mail alerts as soon as an insider buys or sells a stock
  • Full access to our mobile app compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  • Gain access to heat maps that show which stocks are getting the most insider activity and how many shares have been bought or sold.

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